Behind the Blinds


Behind the Blinds combines superior production value with palpable tension to form a quality web series. Well-planned shots and audio cues work in harmony with believable acting in a way that trumps most of its competition.

The series’s surprising combination of a mafia thriller with a movie-making comedy is an excellent hook that pays off by the end of the first episode. Dylan Stretchbery does a great job of selling both the tense moments and the comedic moments as the relatable script writer Ryan Cohen. Igor Komar, playing the movie producer/mob boss Anton Black, works with Stretchbery to add an unsettling layer of suspense to each episode’s laughs.

When I think back on the first 8 episodes of Behind the Blinds, I think of the major plot moments before I think of the jokes. It’s a comedy, but it has an interesting story that moves along at a steady pace. By the time I reached the most recent episode, I was disappointed that there wasn’t another for me to watch.

Behind the Blinds probably isn’t on your radar, but once you give it a chance, you won’t want to turn back. It will hook you in with its premise and keep you around with its characters, quality, and story.

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