Tryon - The Future of Social Networking

Tryon – The Future of Social Networking

                              The new app Tryon lets users post pictures of their outfits and get voted on by one another.   Flats or heels? Are these skinny jeans flattering? Those who find themselves asking these questions[…]

When Art Takes Over…

Art is everywhere, and many people have earned the right to be called artists. Musicians, graphic designers, painters and dancers. They are all artists. But whats really beautiful about art is the fact that people[…]

Virgin hair

Trendy Virgin Hair Extensions

As we all have distinctive hair sorts and picking the correct one for you is essential as it will decide how the extensions will feel and look.   What Are Virgin Hair Extensions?   Virgin[…]


Grooving with Michelle

Hi Michelle Galas, thank you so much for being apart of our network here. We been hearing a lot of great things about you.   Q : Please introduce yourself to the readers and let[…]



This cute FLY AS A MOTHER T-SHIRT is the perfect gift for all moms and expecting mothers. Mommin’ aint easy after all. Not only for moms this also best t-shirt for all women and also[…]