Integrating technology with my fashion designing


Even though I am a fashion designer and a layman may think I have nothing to do with technology and only thing I do is to design dresses and get them stitched. But that’s not true. Technology has taken over almost all fields of life. You can’t do anything at advance level if you are still not using technology to help you design and style dresses. And that’s what forced me to grab some computer and graphic designing knowledge.

Once I got over it, I thought that would be easy. I would design and show to my colleagues and once our team approves it we will move forward. But working on a single computer and everyone circling around me to see the design wasn’t a good idea.Apart from that my other colleagues were not much expert in technology so most of them would just look at my face during my presentation.

So I had to ask my colleagues to learn graphic designing as well. At that step I was of the view, now I am done. It would be easier now. Everyone knows the use of technology. I set up a computer room and installed computers for all of my colleagues there so everyone can play his part and design the dresses according to his/ her knowledge and skills.

I was very happy in the beginning. Everything was going along nicely until we felt there was something missing. What if someone wants to show his design to other colleagues or wants some opinion? Definitely he has to call the person on his desk for that purpose. That was a bit clumsy. Means my fashion designing is still not technology oriented.


I called some tech people and came to know I can actually connect all my computers through signal cable. I knew nothing about it. So I searched online and took the opinion of some IT experts about this price and to check Signal Cable price and other equipment I would need. I came to know it’s a communication cable that will actually connect all my computers to the network.I have to connect hubs and some other equipment for that purpose as well.  All this will enable us to share designs and presentations with each other. I was amazed with that idea (I am totally a non-tech person so technology is something new for me).

So all done and we got an interconnected lab. Now we are able to share our presentations with each other. We don’t have to leave our desk. We can use a single printer with all computers we are using. Now I am a happy person and a technology oriented fashion designer. Technology has made things really easier for us.


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