Jeremy & Vyudu Inc are “IN DEMAND”

Jeremy & Vyudu Inc are "IN

With a long list of clients ranging from celebrity bloggers like Talun Zeitoun and Anthony Berklich to huge fashion brands like Tourneau and Luxottica; Atlanta’s very own Jeremy M. Williams is “IN DEMAND”.
In a world filled with web & mobile app designers charging pennies for a website just to find work in a competitive market, Jeremy holds his own and stands apart from the sea of semi-skilled talent by keeping his fees high and his quality far above average.


“This industry is filled with people who try to nickel and dime you into doing a $5000 job for $250 and it blows my mind every time I meet someone like that. I am all about helping out a new or struggling company but not at the expense of my self-worth or industry value. I have worked with many celebs and brands over the past 10 years and I just can’t devalue my work for the sake of adding another client to my roster. Don’t get me wrong now, I wouldn’t dare overcharge someone for simple work. For example, if the site is fairly simple and the client is just starting out as a dreamer turned entrepreneur – I’d certainly give him or her a killer deal. I’m not greedy or illogical lol.. I just know what I’m worth.” ~ Jeremy M. Williams, VYUDU Inc.


For small business owners, the discovery of a freelance developer from the other side of the world that can provide you with a web design for just a few of hundred bucks , may sound like a godsend; right? Well, the only problem with this is that in the world of tech, Cheap = Average = No Results = Money wasted = Time wasted.


When your site crashes or you can’t update your content, or your designer never answers your emails, or your friends, leads & customers can’t find you via a google search; that’s when you know you have received exactly what you paid for. Trash.


Small to Medium Sized Businesses need to find a happy-medium. It’s important to capture the “big business look and feel” because the consumer doesn’t care if you haven’t got the budget of a big company. They just want to feel they can trust you and that they are dealing with a quality provider whose business is worth at least more than the product or service they are selling.


This rule is most important for fashion & lifestyle brands. You are selling an image, and in these industries, perception is reality. If you look cheap or give off a nickel & dime energy, your customers will notice it. Customers are smart and they know when they are being duped or being sold something sub par.


Jeremy believes that a quality website should cost no less than $750 and that’s a dirt bottom rate unless the project is a very easy project with few or small cleanup tasks.

Also, he suggests that clients research and know exactly what they want and properly document their vision well before asking a designer to build it.


“I always ask clients to send me 2-3 websites that they absolutely love so that I have an idea of what they love and deem beautiful. This helps to train my eyes and mind to see and think like them for their project. It has saved me from countless headaches over the years and clients seem to be quite pleased.” ~ Jeremy M. Williams, VYUDU Inc.


Jeremy & Vyudu Inc are "IN

With minimal design taking over as the go-to style when attempting to give off a rich quality aura, Jeremy believes that simple design isn’t just about subtracting things from a design just for the sake of keeping it minimal. “It has to enhance the design’s overall polarity & purpose”. Way too many designers tend to believe that one has to keep stripping things away until its pure white just to make it pure white without a strategy behind it. To these designers, white space is the plain & simple end goal.

“If something is essential to the purpose of the site, don’t delete it just because it takes up too much white space. Find a way to make it work.”

Currently, Jeremy is focusing on expanding ( ) Vyudu Inc’s growth in regards to new & existing clients who need a combination of elegance and High Fidelity Design for their platforms, websites, & apps. In addition, Jeremy is also in the process of launching a new tech startup that focuses on making project management easy enough for a 5th grader and fun enough to keep the attentions of a busy 9 to 5er.

“Project management is boring and mundane. No one really wants to do it and those who do suffer from the lack of thoroughly executed and wisely featured online tools that force them to in essence wear more hats than one to accomplish a singular task. My new startup will focus on removing the friction all too common with management tools like Asana or Trello. We are literally building a MONSTER.”

~ Jeremy M. Williams, VYUDU Inc.

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