How Do Network Cable Testers Work?

How Do Network Cable Testers Work

Network cable tester is a device that can be used by holding on the hand. It runs on electricity. You can confirm the strength of the signal and smooth connection, especially in a computer network. It is for easy a data transmission. If the connection is not proper and strong than the network will face problem to transfer data and signal. This network tester comes in different shape, size, and functions. This tester is battery powered and works well with cross wiring and insulation lose. You will find this tester user-friendly. This article is mainly focused on how do network cable tester work.


When you will use this cable tester:

If you want to check the newly connected connection cable is working or not then you will have to use this network cable tester. With this tester, you will know the there is a strong connection between source and destination is established. It is better to check with network cable tester once you have set the connection properly.

How will you know there is a problem with the connection? Well, you will understand it easily, like-

  • When you will see the weak connection between computer and server.
  • Less signal strength
  • Data loss for external interference
  • Damaged cable


How to use this cable tester:

  • You have to pick the cable that you will use a connector. When you are testing it make sure it is unplugged and tangle free.
  • Make sure it is not damaged or torn
  • When you are ready to test the cable, look for the perfect network cable port to plug in. if you did with it then connect the cable to the remote.
  • Now switch on the tester to check the cable. You will see the result from the tester and the problems if there is any.


Steps of the work of the tester:


With the network cable, you can mark the speed of the performance. If the performance is poor than your cable work will face damage. Let’s talk about the work steps:

  1. Connecting the network cable tester: When you get the device, you will get two machines with 2 two different boxes. They are a transmitter and the receiver to test the network, you have to plug the network with than transmitter and receiver. Make sure the plug is properly done.
  2. Start testing: after making the cable ready for the test then start your testing. When the tester is started, you will see a signal is going from transmitter to receiver. This signal works as a message that is sent through the cable. Keep the tester connected till the test is done.
  3. Focus on the tester report: when the signal is passing through one cable to other, this fine you will see the report is positive or negative. If it is positive then the device will show you green signal and if it is negative than the device will display a red light. By this light, you can determine about your cable as it is perfect or not.
  4. Know the problem: after knowing the problem of the cable, you have to change the cable or replace it. Or else your work will be loss or damage. It is important to use a perfect cable for transmitting data.

How Do Network Cable Testers Work-

Network cable tester works for a smooth connection between two servers. Nowadays it is impossible to work without network or connection. Wired network is the strong connection that works with a different network of computers and mobiles. To know the connection is perfect you have to use a network cable tester. With it, you can confirm your connectivity.

Things you shouldn’t do when you are working with a network cable tester:

  • Pick the cables that will meet your requirement long enough. Sometimes you may need to transfer your location. So you can’t go for an expensive cable for changing every time.
  • Don’t even think of using different cable for data and voice.
  • Do use cable management. This makes the maintenance better.
  • Do not use cables near the noisy device.

You can make a homemade network cable tester to make your task easy. The steps are:

  • Cut the network cable and then use the cap to make it easy to plug.
  • Strip the wires of the cable and separate colored wires. They will work as negative and positive wire for bulbs.
  • Connect every wire to different bulbs. This will make the test easy.

You may think why it is so important to know how to do network cable tester work. Well, it is really important for making the connectivity strong and smooth. When you are working on the server, you have to make sure the connection is working well. If not your work will go lost and the cable will get to make the connection smooth going you have to use this network cable tester. With tester, you can be assured that your cable connection is perfect to do any work like sending signal and data transmitting data. With this tester, you will know the problems of your cable and connection. If the cable has a problem you will know it by the red signal and if it is perfect than the device will give you green signal. When the tester will give you the assurance that you are ready to go to work, then start your work with server connection. Today every device works with the network so you have to use this network tester to enjoy smooth connectivity.




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