Bestselling Romance Author Faleena Hopkins Just launched Free App

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Faleena Hopkins isn’t only a best author but also hardworking, talented and amazing personality from her childhood. She wrote books at age six and sold them to her parents for a dollar. She got a lot of fame from her series Cocker Brothers“, has sold over half a million copies. She used the money to make her first film, Just One More Kiss, making sure she could pay everyone who worked on it. They were all shocked when it won Best Feature Film at BAFF and a distribution deal bringing the film to you in 2020. Not only that she has also launched a free app for romance addicts called Faleena Hopkins.

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The best thing of this app is it’s all about LOVE and you can read any bonus scenes in this app to save your time. And it’s available on tablet and mobile with log-in. Just like an social app you can create a profile also play games and make new friends on it. It was built to super-serve fans of heart-melting romance stories written by Bestselling Romance Author Faleena Hopkins.

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On this soothing app you can read and listen steamy short stories in the free section. HOT audiobooks (yes don’t need to read anymore you can just listen and enjoy your love stories in a whole new way), eBooks and even self-love affirmation exercises in the premium section which she calls “Members House.

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Give it a taste with her 7-Day Free Trial. She specializes in love stories about good people with strong family bonds, in both books and film. She worked hard to make this app for the family from Facebook. It’s easy to use and entertaining app and it has a similar ‘personality’ to Faleena’s books, which appear to be much like her – entertaining.

If you wanna read “Cocker Brothers” stories on the app for free then become a Member and also enjoy professionally produced books on Audio, Romance books, Self-love mediations, all included with your purchase of an auto-renewing subscription. (7-day free trial, $5.99 month). This membership grants you access on supported mobile and tablets, TVs and the Internet.


Find out more about it on the website or Social media:

Instagram: @faleenahopkinsofficial

Facebook: @authorfaleenahopkins

Pinterest: @FaleenaMHopkins

YouTube: @FaleenahopkinsBooks



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