Sterling silver handmade designer jewelry – nature lovers works of art

Olivine Ring

When deciding how to curate our collection of jewelry we decided to get away from our regular office space and head to nature. Building a collection starts from knowing it’s a part of something bigger, that it’s a fragment of the whole. That’s what gives a piece the chance to show how beautiful it is.

We wanted to get back to the essence, to the idea that a piece of jewelry becomes a part of us over time, that a bond is created, something that lasts and takes on its own meaning.


Amber butterfly earrings


Appreciating natural organic shapes and formations is a theme we keep at the heart of the collection, as well as the notion that nature does things in ways that surpass our own imagination. What we hang around our necks and adorn ourselves with, is a mirror to what we find sacred in the world. It’s how it’s always been. So it’s important that our collection resonates at that level.

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