Jewellery Buying Tips

Jewellery Buying Tips

Buying a jewellery piece is not as easy as it looks. You can’t just come up over the counter and pick a shiny piece, put it on and pay for it. Given how expensive these accessories can be, you need to put some thought in the process. Jewellery is the most elegant gift you can offer on a special occasion, whatever is an anniversary or a proposal, a beautiful piece of jewellery always seals the deal.


One of the biggest challenges we face when we are out to hunt a perfect piece is finding one that is special above everything else, one that can transmit instantly the message you want to say. You want the person you are giving it to immediately understand how much you love her or to tell her that you remembered a new anniversary or something simple like wishing a merry Christmas.


There is just so much out there to choose from. We can offer rings, necklaces, charms, earrings, even pendants. Jewellery that is given as a gift should also speak a lot about you as the one who is offering the present. Since you probably have a better idea by now about how difficult this is, we have gathered a few titbits of information for you, so you can choose the best piece to offer as a present as you keep your mental sanity intact.

Let’s read on!


  • Pearls on the Neck are a Girl’s Best Friend

Everyone will tell you that diamonds are the ultimate gift you can offer a girl at any moment, and that might be true, but if you want to offer the next best thing, pearls are right there for you my friend. All pieces of jewellery created using pearls stand out given their captivating beauty.

You can find pearls in different stages and aimed at different markets. Natural pearls are the first on the list, but they are also the rarest option out there and the most insanely expensive too. They are incredibly difficult to find in the wild, and they need to be worked by a master crafter to achieve their desired look.

The other option in the list is cultured pearls, also known as “farmed” pearls. As their name implies, they are created on specialised farms with the sole purpose of putting natural pearls in the market. They are not as expensive as natural pearls, but they still carry a hefty price given the amount of work that goes creating them.

The last option is imitation pearls, sadly the most common type of pearl you may find out there and one that is used everywhere to create counterfeits and fake jewellery.


  • Go for a Gemstone

This is probably one of the most personal gifts you can offer to anyone. Nothing says “I remember you always” like a gemstone related to a person’s birthday. You can find high-end option such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds. These options are as expensive as they are beautiful. On the other hand, you can still state your intentions with more affordable alternatives such as amber, garnet, amethysts, opal or moonstones.


  • Consult a Jeweller

What is the natural course of action to take when you don’t know about something? You ask an expert of course! The best thing you can do with valuable jewellery is to go to a store where you are not planning to buy and ask the jeweller everything you need to know, that way you will get unbiased information from someone who has no intent on selling you anything.


  • Ask for a Second Opinion

The final stage is a trail of fire for many out there: you will have to ask a close relative or a close friend of your loved one for an opinion about the gift you are about to offer. Keep in mind that the person you consult will provide a biased opinion since they know their relative a tad better than you.


  • Add an Extra

If you were successful before when you gifted a piece of jewellery to the same person, use that experience and complete the look you started with it. If you bought a necklace, offer a set of matching earrings next. That way you can increase the significance of the first gift a tenfold!




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