Julian Kelly Wants you to Know

Julian Kelly Wants you to Know

By: Matthew Jonas, Celebrity Gossip Correspondent


She’s a multiracial rising star quickly becoming an international sensation, but that’s not why we love her. We love her because she’s honest, bold, daring, and unapologetically brilliant. We love her because she’s beautiful and the kind of chick who’d be cool ordering grub off the Dollar Menu or speaking to a Sommelier in French. Sweet Jesus, God on earth is this woman fine.


Guess what? Rumor has it she’s pregnant.


With a new album, that is.


Despite her ties to musical royalty, Julian has been uncharacteristically mum. Flying under the radar in that naughty chic style she’s known for, after allegedly turning down a position as a Fashion Week brand ambassador, I asked what she’s been up to lately.


“Can you confirm that you’re releasing a new album in 2021?” I asked her for comment.


“The only thing I can confirm is that Black Lives Matter, and it’s time for us to f—-g acknowledge that as a people.” She said in response.


Well said.



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