Secret behind the success of Reema Khan, Who shaping a new industry with art of threading

Secret behind the success of Reema Khan, Who shaping a new industry with art of

“Do not wait on a leader…look in the mirror, its you!”

– Katherine Miracle

If you want to build a successful business, you have to understand what success means to you and be authentic in who you are. Reema Khan has achieved that with her business idea, s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar, through which she provides coaching for female entrepreneurs.. Read how she did it below…

Today Which Fashion describes the story of a successful female entrepreneur Reema khan, how she converted Art of Threading into a Successful Business, her story demonstrates the value in staying true to your passion and never giving up on yourself. Read the story and get inspired and empowered to succeed in your own business.

As a female entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar Reema Khan disclose the secret behind her success…  Reema Khan is a brow artist, makeup artist, philanthropist, and businesswoman based in Los Angeles, California. She opened the first Shapes Brow Bar in Chicago’s Ford City Mall in 2004. Shapes Brow Bar begun offering services in kiosks and carts in shopping malls, eventually expanding to 85 locations across the U.S. Its headquartered in California, the beauty chain best known for its Brow Shaping services, which involves an “ancient method of hair removal” concerning the “rolling a twisted cotton thread over unruly hairs then removing them at the follicle level.”

Secret behind the success of Reema Khan, Who shaping a new industry with art of threading_whichfashion.netReema khan is a passionate, determined and committed to turning her ideas into a reality, building successful business and living a life the dream of and LOVE. We hope her story inspire you and leave you feeling fired up, ready to achieve incredible things! s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar CEO Reema Khan an inspiration for female entrepreneurs, she talking about her decision of become an owner of beauty salon, Reema khan says :

” I wanted to work for myself. I didn’t want to be beholden to a company that can turn around and let you go at anytime. So I got to a point of where I wanted to strive to be an entrepreneur and have my own. That drive allowed me to turn a skill I learned long ago into a flourishing business. ”

s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bars are the pioneers of brow threading. Equipped with great brow shaping techniques, an affordable price point, and a developing demand, s.h.a.p.e.s. With numerous locations throughout the country, S.H.A.P.E.S Brow Bar is a convenient and efficient place to solve your brow woes on the go. Stop in, sit down and have your brows transformed with impressively flattering arch you never thought possible. You’ll be in and out in no time at all with a pretty, perfectly-groomed look.


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Talking about threading as base of her business Reema Khan says,

“There is tremendous potential in this industry. Threading is still in its infancy. Only about 10 percent of potential customers are using threading. But the number is growing all the time. We’ve developed a niche concept that’s an amazing business opportunity.”

Wants to make yourself a charming & attractive girl in your budget ? Its now an affordable choice with s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar, this is the only beauty salon in the world that has a membership form which can be accessed online. And the CEO of s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar, Reema khan is also a very passionate about every aspect of her business – from training people in the Reema Beauty method to making people look beautiful.
“ I am committing my energy to growing my cosmetic line, Reema Beauty, and my new beauty bar concept, RMLA Makeover Bar. The Reema Beauty line is one where everyone is beYOUtiful, ” Reema says.

“ I don’t see it as work. It’s one thing to love what you do but it’s a passion to do what you love. I do what I love every day and that helps bring out the best in me. ” She adds.

s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bars are the pioneers of brow threading. Equipped with great brow shaping techniques, an affordable price point, and a growing demand, s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bar set forth the next level of beauty – the beauty bar experience – and turned one woman’s vision into a flourishing business.

” I believe that every woman wants to be bold, vibrant, sensual, powerful and confident and their makeup should reflect whoever they want to be on any given day. I started the line with my signature brow powders that complement the work we do at s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bars and now, it is becoming a true professional line with everything from foundation to bold lipsticks. I love it!, ” She adds.
Reema Khan Share Her Best Advice :

“Always look at the big picture. I started as one small beauty shop in Chicago and now have more than 65 locations around the world. I took things slow and evaluated the market. Set reasonable goals each month to stay on track, and in the end, you will become that much closer to reaching your dreams.”

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