A Quick Catch Up with Joel B Way Myles

A Quick Catch Up with Joel B Way Myles_whichfashion.net

Q : Tell us a little about yourself. Your background,education,your passion for music etc?

Joel B Way :

I’m a down to earth person I get along with mainly everyone. I love to create. I also love to play and watch sports, Im always active doing something. I’m also a thinker about my money a Capricorn so u already know. I have a crazy sense of humor but I can also be serious as well. I went to Catholic grade school in Astoria Queens (Immaculate Conception). High  school in Queens (Queens Vocational Technical HS) where I learned Electronic Technology. When I was a kid I used to wonder how things worked so I would open up everything and try to put it back together so u know I got a lot of ass beatings lol. I went to BMCC for college where I learned how to produce a 2 person talk show lighting work the sound board etc. I had a partial scholarship to play Basketball for FIT but I passed on it. I also went to Herbert Berghoff acting school and learned the arts. My passion for music comes from my core I Produce write and perform.


Q : Please tell us more about what inspired you to get into music?

Joel B Way :

I was destined  to make music, my family tree is fruitful on my father’s side primarily.
Jazz and Gospel was their cup of tea, I 1st witnessed the power of music when I was a kid, we had money problems like the rest however when my father would start playing records it was like we had no worries at all. The music put him in a good mood and the rest of my fam as well.


Q : If you could perform with a artist who would it be?

Joel B Way :

Hmmmnnn my list is soo extensive but I would have to say Lenny Kravitz. His music is soo out the box and still incorporates all of the ingredients you need in a smash hit he paved his own lane I know we would make history.


Q : We all need me-time, what of some of your ways to clear your mind and stay motivated?

Joel B Way :

For me time I like to travel to somewhere I never been and  just relax read and vibe out with the elements. I also love to cook it’s very relaxing. What keeps me motivated is life itself I love to live and I love music it’s all connected.


Q : Your favorite music genre besides hip hop?

Joel B Way :

My favorite genre besides Hip hop would be jazz I love the way you can express emotions through sound waves and people get it you know music is amazing.


Q : Tell people how they can follow you online?

Joel B Way :

People can follow me on the links/ images below be on the lookout for my mixtape titled Versez and my album titled Broadway Joe! dropping soon, i look forward to performing in a city near you soon love ya’ll. Peace!





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