A fun time with Stephanie Dana


Q : Stephanie Dana thank you so much for being apart on our blog. We love what you have going on. Please tell our readers how you first got into music and what inspires you to keep going.

Stephanie Dana :

I think I started singing before talking. I was involved in a few singing groups and choirs growing up – took a few lessons. I have been writing poetry and lyrics since I can remember. But it wasn’t until 2009 – 2010 when I was playing a Karaoke game with a very musically talented friend that I started doing more. My friend listened to me sing and asked why I wasn’t recording. He kept pushing me until I finally recorded a cover with him. From that moment on, I was hooked. It gives me the opportunity to put my feelings into a form where I can share it with the world. I want to create emotions within those who listen, share my passions, move people! I gather inspiration from everything around me – my own experiences, stories I hear, the movement of a butterfly landing on a flower, a sleeping baby, the woman stopped next to me at a stoplight in tears in her car… I want to embrace the life around me and share it through my music.



Q : Has music always been something you wanted to do? Is it your favorite talent?

Stephanie Dana :

Music has always been a big part of my life – no questions about that. I have videos from when I was younger singing in my room like my life depended on it. It is a talent that can encompass my creativity and something that most people enjoy. My talents are all very artsy. I’m also a dancer/choreographer, a writer, a graphic artist and a photographer. I’d like to express myself in all of those forms as often as possible.



Q : What are some of your favorite places to travel and get away to?

Stephanie Dana :

The mountains! I love how peaceful it can be. The smell of sage and pine, the sun setting behind the clouds, the sound of the lake and crickets chirping. That is my sanctuary, for sure.

But I do have many many many places on my bucket list that I’d like to see!



Q :  If you had to spend the rest of your life listening to only 5 artist, who would you pick?

Stephanie Dana :

This is tough. I love so many different types of music!1222

Garth Brooks

Miranda Lambert


Michael Jackson

Frank Sinatra



Q : Where can people follow you online?

Stephanie Dana :





Q : Any Last words?

Stephanie Dana :

Where words fail, Music speaks! I hope my music enters your ears and goes straight to your heart. I hope it brings emotions to the surface and reminds you of wishes, hopes, pain, fear and all your untold stories.



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