Mama June and Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight Loss Journey

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Imagine yourself weighing close to 460 pounds one morning and waking up months later weighing close to 150 pounds. It almost sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? It’s not. June Shannon, better known by her stage name Mama June (from the hit show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) took the world by surprise by shedding her stay-at-home jumpsuit aura for a more glamorous Marilyn Monroe-like star look. How did she do it?


Is there a Mama June weight loss Secret?

The story of overweight celebrities being shamed for their appearance is not new. That, sadly, doesn’t make it any less painful to endure. Mama June’s fellow star Gabourey Sidibe shares in a similar journey. She too had to face her weight and turn into the beautiful being she is today.

Mama June and Gabourey Sidibe's Weight Loss

Gabourey Sidibe’s Journey

Her’s was filled with shame running as far back as her teenage years. Her celebrity status exposed her to ridicule from haters across the globe. She especially didn’t like how people behaved as though she didn’t care about her health.She had been trying to lose weight through dieting. After tragically being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she decided to take her weight loss up a notch; she underwent Laparoscopic Bariatric surgery. She admits that going for surgery wasn’t cheating since her decade-long approach could never have produced the same results. She now supplements the operation by using a nutritionist who helps her find healthy ways to lose what’s left of her excess weight while fighting weight gain.


Mama June’s Journey

Mama June’s journey is similar but not less severe. She too had been trying hard to lose weight through exercise and watching her diet. Her final straw was the news that her cheating ex-husband was bound to be engaged. The news gave her a strong desire to change and get on with her life too. Seeing as her weight loss had plateau, she sort the advice of surgeons based in LA. Her doctors found that she qualified for a restricted surgery called a Vertical Sleeve Mastectomy. Here, the size of her stomach was reduced to nearly half its size. The hunger-promoting hormones lost in the process had the effect of reducing her appetite, a good thing. She also had excess skin removal, breast augmentation and a cool sculpting procedures(on her neck). She went on to hire a personal trainer to help her lose the remnants of her weight while watching her diet to keep those carbs at bay.

Her bubbly personality is amplified. Mama June weight loss was not without its struggles. She admits that she still feels fat.’ Morphing into the sort of person who wears elegant dresses and sleek outfits wasn’t easy. It still is a struggle to let go of her jumpsuit loving self. Mama June still loves her grapes and cheese, when no one’s looking. She is now an incredible size 4. Garcinia Cambogia may have had a role to play in a weight loss diet. It is known to curb cravings, control stress eating, increase the rate of metabolism, discontinue the formation of new fatty tissue and increase lean muscle. I think we all need some that Garcinia cambogia.

Weight loss is not as simple as people set it out to be. Often, our weight loss journeys will not be the same. It helps if you have a strong reason to do so. Taking small steps will give you the confidence to get to where both Mama June and Gabourey Sidibe are today. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire someone on your way there too.



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