Losing weight with Xero Effort

Losing weight with Xero Effort_whichfashion.net

Introducing Xero brought to you by the award winning team from Cosmeditech. The management team behind Xero Lipo have been listed by the Sunday Times on the fast growth 100 list for Beauty technology.

Let’s share the hottest beauty and fashion secret for 2017.


But what is Xero Lipo?

A technology system that allows you to lose weight lying down and resting. Nope we are not kidding. Beauty and fashion editors are lining up to have a trial of Xero Lipo in London to review the instant results. Celebrities are all starting to follow Xero Lipo on twitter. 2016 was the year of extreme exercise and binge dieting all taking it’s wear and tear on your body. With the discovery of Xero you no longer have to put in ridiculous hours in the gym or eat nothing but salad or soup. Could this be what we have all been wishing for? 2017 could be the year you look your very best thanks to XEROLipo.

Imagine dropping nearly 3 dress sizes from your waistline in only 8 x 45 minute sessions.

Our advice is find your nearest XERO Lipo centre and book in soon as there’s already a waiting list for all Xero Lipo centres in London.

Perfect for busy Mums, alpha ladies that work 24/7. Even if you want to just lose a couple of inches quickly to get into a dress for a work do, ball or even a high school reunion. Xero Lipo is the only choice.

Xero Lipo, burns the fat away, tones the tummy and tightens the skin. It’s medical grade technology and clinically proven to be the very best on the market place with no side effects. If you review FDA published results on any of the non surgical alternatives to Liposuction Xero Lipo is by far the only system with the strongest results that is not only enjoyable to have done as it feels lovely it also has no side effects and sustains long term results! WHAT A FIND

Xero Lipo is the latest generation of Non-Surgical Biostimulatory accelerated targeted fat reduction.

By incorporating dual wavelengths the new technology can thermally alter the fat cells as well as stimulate the release of fatty acids and glycerol to shrink the cells to a size close to Xero.


What does Xero Lipo do?

Following many years of clinical research this technology is proven to trigger the release of fat cell contents to achieve immediate inch loss without any pain or side effects or down-time.

The XEROLipo targets specific problem areas of excess fat immediately, unlike diet or exercise which are non specific and slow.

See the results…

This patient lost 1 inch after the first treatment – Total of 4 inches loss over 4 weeks – Without restrictive diet, excessive exercise or side effects

What Xero patients say…

“The treatment was pain free and easy, I lost 14cm across my stomach! And I very much enjoyed getting into a fitness regime which has made me think about my health and wanting to continue to keep fit.”

Kin (Chiswick)


What the Doctors say…

“What I like about Xero is that it is both safe and effective, with immediate and long terms results & it is very popular with patients”

DrNikolaosMetaxotos MD, PhD

Plastic Surgeon: Symmetria Clinics


Xero has received a great reception from patients, doctors, aestheticians & physicians from all over the world.

Where can you find your Xero Lipo centre in the UK ?

Visit www.xerolipo.com to find your nearest centre

Xero Lipo can only be found in the most prestigious clinics, medi-spas and cosmetic surgery centres across the UK.

The Xero programme gives clients rapid, visible fat loss


Own an aesthetic clinic or medi-spa?… How can Xero benefit and grow your business?

The Xero programme gives clients rapid, visible fat loss results that can be sustained long term. Having used the programme themselves, Xero practitioners are living proof of this success and can testify that this approach offers an effective, safe, sustainable way to lose weight and reduce fat.

Our comprehensive 2-day training programme for new Xero centres delivers everything your staff need to graduate as fully certified Xero practitioners.

We want your Xero business to succeed – and to do that, you need to get the right message out to the right people. That’s why we have a team of dedicated and experienced marketing experts to provide all Xero franchises with full digital marketing support and social media assistance.


Main benefits of Xero Lipo:

  • Most advanced non surgical technology
  • Industry leading training programme
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Concierge marketing support and training
  • Free warranty and service support 24/7
  • Low capital investment
  • No lease obligation or interest payments
  • Highly profitable addition to your business

To find out if Xero is right for your business Cosmeditech today to arrange a free trial or no obligation meeting.

Call today: 08000 38 55 80 or email info@cosmeditech.com

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