How To Sleep With Tennis Elbow Pain

How To Sleep With Tennis Elbow Pain

Have you ever heard about tennis elbow pain? Well in medical term, it is known as lateral epicondylitis. Then why is it called tennis elbow? Well, once some tennis players had suffered from this pain which they got from playing tennis. So it is named after the tennis player. It is a much-known injury that everyone faces. This injury mainly gets healed in easy treatment but it needs rest and time. Here you will learn how to sleep with tennis elbow pain.


Details about the elbow pain:

The pain mainly comes in the place where the forearm and elbow joint meets. It is not in the arm. The pain mainly happens in the ligaments and muscle of your forearm. As we all know the tendons work as a connector from muscle to bones. While using the arm repetitively, the muscle gets a tear. The torn muscle then do all the damage and the arm gets pain while doing things like lifting or holding. If you don’t treat it soon it will be a permanent problem in your life. This pain comes in the age of 30-50 years.


Causes of Tennis Elbow:

This pain comes in the forearm when it is in continuous stress injury. The tension around the elbow and overactivity makes the pain comes.

As the name is tennis elbow pain, so let’s talk a little about it. In the tennis game, while hitting the ball constantly the forearm faces stress and it causes pain later. The pain increases when your gripping technique is poor and too tight. Sometimes the ligaments get ripped.

There is some play like squash or racquetball that also can cause elbow pain. There is some more outdoor activity like – cutting tree, painting, playing with a musical instrument, cooks or butchers.

How To Sleep With Tennis Elbow Pain


How will you know that you are suffering from tennis elbow pain? The symptom is a pain on the elbow side. This pain turns into chronic pain if it is left for few months. The pain gets so severe that the elbow gets very untouchable for pain. You will also feel the pain whenever you try to lift or grab anything.



The treatment is not so hard thing to accomplish. You will have some exercise, therapy, and medicine to cure yourself. Aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen is main medicine for the treatment. Before going for the treatment you have to make sure you are suffering from elbow pain. If you can’t straight your hand properly than yes you have tennis elbow pain. You have to do an MRI scan for double confirmation.


Preventing tennis elbow:

If you are a player or worker than it is a very hard job to do with an elbow pain. So you need to prevent the pain to happen.

  • By doing exercise by stretching and strengthening the wrist works well in preventing tennis elbow pain.
  • Don’t do the same movement over and over again. If it is not possible than opt a brace while movement and take a break.
  • Try to use your upper arm muscle and shoulder. It helps to take the pressure off of the elbow.
  • Keep your arm movement flexible. Don’t bend or make your arm straight too much.
  • Before going to any sports, do some stretching and warm up your body.
  • When you are working, keep your arm straight. Don’t bend your wrist.
  • Try to bring variety to your job and tasks. This helps to reduce stress.
  • When you are using tools, go for a large grip and wear padded gloves.
  • Make your grip loose while holding any tool.
  • While using a racket, go for a light and soft grip. This helps to reduce any stress.


Exercises for tennis elbow pain:

You can’t treat this pain without an exercise. The exercise is stretching and strengthening the arm muscle. Here are some exercises that really works:

  • Finger exercise:

Use a rubber band all around your fingers. Then open the fingers and close them again. Do this for 25 times. If you can do this exercise 3 times in a day than your hand and fingers will stay stress-free.

  • Wrist exercise:

Straight your arm, make sure your elbow is straight also and hand palm also is an upside. Then use your other hand and hold the fingers of the stretched hand. Then bend both hands and keep it near in your body. Do this for 3 to 5 times.


What to with an elbow pain while sleeping:

While sleeping we don’t know how we sleep or in what position. But the normal positions are – sleeping on back, on stomach and side position. But if you have elbow pain then it will be hard to get a good night sleep.  When you have this pain then try to keep your arm relaxed and stress-free. Try to reduce the blood flow in the arm, it is good for the pain. The best way is sleeping on the back and keeping the arm straight. It is better to wear an arm brace while sleeping. It helps a lot.

Tennis elbow pain is not a severe thing but if it stays untreated than it may turn into serious pain. So try to avoid the pain by following some simple tips. If you have the pain than going for some exercise and medicine. I think you have learned about how to sleep with tennis elbow pain, do follow the trick. It will help you to go a sound sleep.



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