How to find quality Plastic Surgery in Seoul/Korea


Have you ever been to Korea? It is famous for incredible Plastic Surgery Results. However, most foreigners don’t know where to start when it comes to deciding which clinic to choose.


If you google Plastic Surgery Korea, you will stumble upon paid advertisements and celebrity shows on Youtube who feature entire makeovers of young, unhappy looking girls, promising to transform them into a popular, glamorous Swan who will be love and successful. But how easy is it really to achieve a perfect result and the so-wished-for new life many people are hoping for when they take on the risk of dangerous procedures like Double Jaw Surgery or Facial Reshaping. The fact is that our society has become more superficial than ever. In times when Instagram and its Photoshopped Lifestyle has become the new Facebook and people consider buying customised robots to improve their intimate lives, people seem to long for greater improvements than just a little nose job or Botox Injections. Unfortunately, many of these “experiments” can go incredibly wrong. We know too many examples of overfilled duck lips or women who end up with frozen, unnatural looking faces . Western Society has to rethink its beauty standards once and for all.


Then we have the Korean beauty standards that feature mostly dollish baby faces without any cheek bones, porcelain skin and childlike jawlines. While this is certainly a better option than ending up with the sharp porn star look, the real secret lies somewhere in between those cultures.


It is not very flattering for women as they get older to increase the size of their cheek implants every year (yes this is a common trend right now).


It is not flattering to stuff implants into faces without considering the fact that a natural looking face always includes fat and soft tissue which surrounds the bone structure and therefore makes it appear natural and feminine.


Very young women can certainly get away with a little sharper look, but as soon as a woman ages, it can make her appear very rigid and rough-minded. Women over thirty should seriously consider to embrace more of the Korean beauty Standards and embrace the idea to find a good doctor who can soften overall Appearance without creating Sagging.


A lot of foreigners of every age have discovered TFD-The FaceDental, a true little diamond placed in the fashionable area Gangnam-Gu. TFD is a clinic that offers procedures like Facial Contouring and Revision for all sorts of Cases. TFD is not as extreme as many clinics, they focus on functionality and aesthetic improvement without most of the fuzz that many other clinics need to create. The clinic is one of the very few without any kind of past complications or accidents, provides excellent aftercare for its patients and has a very caring, open-minded, positive team that doesn’t treat foreigners any different than its Korea Patients. They do not favour Korean Patients financially and this is known to be a very common issue in Korean clinics.


Dr Joon Kyou Lee communicates perfectly in English and is very responsive to e-mails.


If you do not know where to start when researching Clinics in Korea and are scared to end up in one of the factories, this is the perfect clinic where you will have the combination of quality, functionality and aesthetic improvement.


Here is the Website
You can contact Dr Lee directly via E-mail (provided on the Website).





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