How to cut small pills

How to cut small pills

Pills!! I just hate pills. For some this pills are like too big to swallow and literally, some tend to throw-out when they try to take it. Don’t think you are alone in this world there are millions of people who hate to take the pills. Good news for you all that there are best pill cutters which help to cut the pills into a small piece that is easy to swallow. You can cut your pills in large, small, round any shape you want.


If you have a pet, your pet’s pill can also be sliced by this cutter machine. It is your duty to select a pill cutter for small pills. Yes, I will talk about cutting small pills. Because everyone doesn’t like pills even it is small or large.


What to consider while using pills cutter:

It has to be easy to use. The operating strength has to be minimal and the tablet placement has to be easy.

  • The machine needs to have the option to fit every shape and size pill. The pills come in large in small size. It is not possible to get a slicer for every pill. Just get a pill cutter that grabs every size and gives a fine cut.
  • Make sure the cutter cuts only pills not your hand. The machine has to be a safe design.
  • The blade is the main feature of the pill cutter. This part comes with metal and positioned in a suitable place so that the cut comes clean. Blade edge works very well in cutting pills but sometimes it gets rust. So you have to replace the blade often.
  • You can take a pill cutter that works as multi-cutter. You can cut pills multiple also this machine has a grinder and catch cups that make powder of the pill.
  • Make sure the pill cutter is easy to use. Take the pill crusher that comes with the best design and reasonable in price.
  • The cutter has to be strong and sturdy.


Cutting process:

Nowadays the costing of making pills are increasing day by day. For making it reasonable in cost, the pills tend to grow in large size with a double dose, so patients have to take. The pills in half, so a pill cutter is a must.

You can cut your cholesterol drug, blood pressure drug, Valtrex, antidepressants drugs with this pill cutter.


The steps of cutting pills are:

  • Place the pill cutter on the even surface to get straight cut.
  • Now open the pill cutter
  • Take the pills in the bowl.
  • Then place them in the cutter one by one. If you have multi-cutter than place two pills at a time.
  • Hold the pill with the hand at one side.
  • Then press the machinery down slowly and firmly.
  • After cutting keep the pills aside make sure to secure them in dry bowl or bottle.
  • Now you pill is ready to have.


Choosing pill crusher:

Nowadays taking medicine has now become a part of life activity for many child and adults of different ages. It is mainly for them who has a chronic disease. For old people and children, it is very hard to swallow large pills. For them, a pill crusher is a must have tool. For this tool the medicine gets small in the piece and easy to have. You can also crash the pills in powder to make them mixable with food or drinks.

Pill crushers come with a different budget. You can get at a reasonable price from an expensive one. The expensive ones have quality cutting power and can cut different pills in one cut which is a plus point for old peoples.

The silent knight pill crusher has a user-friendly handle and it has a leverage, it helps to operate fast. An arthritis patient can also use this pill crusher with ease. Your medicine will stay safe in this pill cutter.

There is one pill crusher that is travel-friendly and also reasonable in price. It is the Medline pill crusher. This pill cutter comes with handy and suitable features and a space to store pills. You can take them later. You can travel with this pill crusher anywhere you want to go.

Ultra pill crusher is specially made for arthritis patients. This cutter comes with triangle design. This design allows for crushing strength limited and allows to use the handle lose. You can just push down the handle and get your split pills.

The Carex Pill Crusher is also highly recommended that has a storage box for easy use.


Medicine pill is very important for sick peoples and old people. But for some, it is hard to swallow, to save them from swallow problem this pill cutter helps a lot. In this article, you will get all information about pill cutter for small pills. This cutter is a convenient tool for older people who can’t take pills easily. Pill cutter cuts the pill and makes it easy to have. It is really sad to say that we now have to live with pills every day. For environment pollutions and food adulteration, people are getting infected with different diseases. For that, they have to take different medicine pills every day. If you have a pill cutter in the home. pill taking task will get easy. Do you have elder patients in the home than consider one pill cutter or pill crusher in the home. Trust me your medicine giving task will get fast and easy. Just pick the best one.




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