Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Delivering the ultimate luxurious pampering experience, this stunning Rose Quartz Eye Mask from visibly restores, nourishes and reverses signs of ageing around the delicate eye area while stabilising any disharmony in your energy field.

Meticulously hand woven polished Rose Quartz crystals from South Africa work at tightening and lifting the deepest cellular layers of the skin while the weight of the mask tenderly envelops the face in a blanket of security and imparts a deep calming state of relaxation and serenity.

The end result is a peacefully quiet mind and a divinely radiant complexion that glows with ageless grace.

At SelfAmour we empower women to take care of themselves first because self-care is giving the world the best of you, not what’s left of you. Amour is love in French, so SelfAmour means self-love. SelfAmour’s tagline: “She invested in herself, and everything changed”. That’s the whole idea behind SelfAmour.






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