Top 6 Hypebeast and Streetwear Brands

Top 6 Hypebeast and Streetwear

Nothing is permanent in this ever-changing world and the current fashion trends indicate just the same. Millions of brands operate in the fashion industry currently and it is very tough to choose the right ones among so many options. Earlier there was a strict division between menswear, sportswear, and streetwear but presently the divide is being blurred by the emergence of brands that focus on streetwear and their impact on it has been profound. Let us talk about the top 6 brands that have managed to do so.



Supreme has always managed to keep itself at the top of the tree since its inception in the market and the current signs prove that it is nowhere near its decline. Its collaboration with various brands such as The North Face and UNDERCOVER has always reaped best results for the brands. Their recent development was a Hoodies range showcasing its iconic box logo and needless to say it began a huge uproar in the streetwear circuit. Please note that due to its popularity mix with product scarcity, make sure that you’re buying authentic Supreme. AuthenticSupreme is a great resource and to find legit sellers.



Although Bape hasn’t been able to create quite the stir in the past years, it did stage kind of a comeback when it signed heavy collaborations with mastermind JAPAN and Adidas and recorded strong sales figures once again. Bape has been quite the mainstay of streetwear and hip-hop fashion and has reestablished itself at the top.



Initially, Palace was launched as a skate team and since then it has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the prominent names in streetwear fashion. The 90’s references to subcultures of the British works wonders or the brand and in the past year it collaborated with Reebok and Adidas and launched a range of apparels that have become quite a rage in the markets.


Anti Social Social Club

With a hip name like that this brand was bound to make it big in streetwear fashion and trends of 2016 have proved just that. The youth of today are being more attracted to the staples of this brand that vary from emotional lines to phrases based on one’s mood.


Fear of God

Need we say more about the streetwear brand that boasts off the likes of Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West as their loyal fans? By the end of 2016, they released sneaker-boots that were military inspired and the whole sneakerhead community just went into a fashion frenzy with it.



When Kanye West decides to collaborate with a heavyweight like Adidas then the results are sure to be fascinating. Yeezy is gaining all the headlines with the new Yeezy boost 350 v2 and as per reviews, it is one of the toughest products to buy online. It does say volumes about the popularity of the brand.


The youth of now do relate more to the Hypebeast and streetwear fashion but the most important aspect of fashion is to be relevant rather than hip and happening, although it doesn’t really hurt to be so. The top 6 brands do manage to prove that assertively.


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