The Trendiest Hairstyles this Winter – Model Monica Yvette

Featured Model Monica Yvette
Featured Model Monica Yvette


More than just a hairstyle, the way you do your hair says a lot about your personality as a whole and with these winter 2020 hairstyles, one is bound to turn some heads.

Tip 1: Having stood the test of time, an angled bob is a timeless haircut that flatters about anyone.

Tip 2: Chandelier Layers are an ideal way to add a dramatic and pronouncing effect.

Tip 3: Perk the look up with the distinctive Curtain Bangs.

Tip 4: Nothing can beat the effortless and classic messy hair bun.

Tip 5: To get in line with the trend, the Asymmetric Cut is the go-to.

Tip 6: A subtle look is only best achieved with some layers.

Tip 7: When has anyone not rocked a modern shag?

Tip 8: For an extra look, go for the ‘90s chop.

Tip 9: The one-length style is as flattering as it gets.

Tip 10: A balayage is ideal to perk up a look.

Long or short, curly or straight, the way one wears their hair can make or break any look and so, be hasty in lining yourself with the trends.



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