What is the right basketball shoes to avoid ankle sprains?

What is the right basketball shoes to avoid ankle sprains?

If you are a basketball player, then facing ankle injury is a common problem. This injury is very painful and causes the obstacle in walking and playing. So players just keep looking for what is the right basketball shoes to avoid ankle sprains. You may ask is there really a right basketball shoe that keeps the ankle protected. Well, let’s find out together.


Basketball shoe and ankle:

You will see there are two kinds of basketball shoes that have the high top and low cut option. There is the debate that high top is better for ankles as it keeps stable but there is a doubt that does the extra part really prevents the ankle sprain.

There is a research says that when the foot has high top shoes in feet, it flip-flops less. This is the main cause of ankle sprain. Sometimes the high top doesn’t prevent excess inversion.

As a basketball player, having ankle sprain is in higher risk option. The high top shoe will help to prevent this ankle sprain. This shoe is also best for recovering from an ankle injury and who always gets into it.


But the high top shoe is not the only one to give support to the ankle. Ankle tap and bracing give the same support to prevent ankle support.


You can see high top shoes are helpful to prevent an ankle sprain. But you have to take some precaution to prevent an ankle sprain. You can do it by checking what you wear and how strong is your ankle.


In a research, it shows that the muscle that is responsible for ankle sprain get activate slowly in the high top shoe than the low top shoe.


No matter what you wear to support the ankle like a brace, shoe but the main thing is to prevent the ankle sprain muscle to activate.


So you can say high top shoe really works, but the best thing to do is making the muscle strong so the activation will get delayed so do the sprain will come later or never.


High top shoes will just try to save you from the ankle injury, but making the muscle strength is very much important.


Factors to see in basketball shoe for ankle support:


To select the perfect shoe you have to see the ankle support aside from the style. Avoid low cut and mid-cut shoes. The high cut shoe keeps the ankle movement partial. For this, the ligament doesn’t get stretch and the ankle stays safe.

The main cause of getting ankle sprain is not able to balance the body force while playing. In the game, you have to run, jump and cut and it is all on your feet. As the court has a hard surface, the whole body pressure continues to bang on the ankle. So the shoe has to be strong enough to endure the body weight. So shoe with strong heel should be more preferable for playing basketball.


The basketball has to be comfortable and supportive for your ankle. If the shoe has ankle support, it doesn’t support that the shoe is proper for ankle support. You have to see this shoe is supportive for your ankle or not.


And before anything is the quality. The shoe has to be high in quality and good for your feet. Because this shoe will help you to take the body weight with balance and care.


Tips for avoiding sprains:

Yes, the ankle sprain can be healed with home treatment. Sometimes you need to go to the doctor. So to avoid the ankle sprain, you have to be careful. Here are some tips to avoid ankle injury.

  • Look for well fit shoes, whatever the design is- high tops or low cut.
  • Stay careful in slippery sports hall floors or rough areas on sports fields.
  • Do stretch exercise every day.
  • Before play start slowly to warm up and expanse before workout or sports.
  • If you are hurt or exhausted don’t exercise or play sports.
  • Switch to the healthy diet to nourish muscles healthy.
  • If you’re heavy, go for a healthy weight.


This tips will help you to keep your ankle strong and healthy. This tips will also help in choosing the best shoe for sports and comfortable feeling during any workout activity.


For a basketball player, it is must have a fir health and feet especially as the sports is all about running and jumping. So when you are in sports you have to know what is the right basketball shoes to avoid ankle spring. Because this ankle spring is not good for any athletes. If you once suffer from it, you tend to get injured frequently. So it is up to you to stay fit and gi for the right shoe for your ankle. As there are so many debates about high top shoe or low cut shoe, go for the shoe that fits you and gives you comfort. The shoe is not everything. You have to take care your body and muscle. Try to get well trained and live a healthy lifestyle. It really helps a lot especially your ankle will stay safe and protected from any kind of injury. Remember while picking the right shoe, do take advice from the experienced ones or your coach. It will help you take decision faster. Go for any shoe whether low cut or high top, do see the material and support, then enjoy your game to the fullest.




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