Millennials Love Name Necklaces


This fall there’s one trend you’ll see across all fashion points of view and that is the name necklace. For those of us who grew up in the 80s we remember not only name necklaces, but huge gold jewelry, bamboo earrings with a swirly name across them. If you’re an older millennial or just love 90s TV you might know that Sex in the City is why the classic name necklace is called a “Carrie Name Necklace.”



Name necklaces for millennials are not the same old name necklaces you might think of. They love bar name necklaces, infinity necklaces, and fantasizing about a custom diamond name necklace. But when it comes down to it, millennials like us, need to pay the bills. The most popular model of the name necklace is the “old English style” in 14k gold, with budget fashionistas wearing it for less as a 24k gold plated look.



Whether you’re a classic script girl, or you fancy a new bar name necklace, or maybe you’re into the Old English look, the name necklace is a trendy choice. Trendsetting millennials, who have been accused of being the “me” generation, not surprisingly, have embraced the name necklace fashion for the long run.




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