How to Wear A Bodycon Dress? (5 Ways to Look Your Best!)

Bodycon dresses are always in style. But a lot of women continue to keep it at the back of their closet because of the way they fit. What if I told there is a proper way to wear a bodycon dress. That you can perfect the style of a bodycon dress simply and effortlessly.

The fabric of a bodycon dress fits your curves just right. So it’s comfortable, breathable, and stylish!

This article talks about the basics of how to wear a bodycon dress. The dos and don’ts of wearing a bodycon dress for the first time. Whether you’re attending an event or planning date night. You can always fall back on a bodycon dress to make you feel good.


How to Wear A Bodycon Dress – Must-Know Tips!

  1. Buy new shapewear


Did you know you will find custom shapewear for bodycon dresses? The kind of shapewear you wear for formal outfits is not what you can wear under bodycon dresses. You need something better-fitting and flattering.

Premium shapewear for bodycon dresses fit like a second skin. They shape your body naturally. They flatten bulges, smoothen curves, and tighten your tummy.

There’s no harm in wearing shapewear that is breathable and soft. It doesn’t restrict your breathing. Nor does it feel heavy and constricting in your chest.

Shapewear is very important to look and feel good in bodycon dresses.

  1. Wear fewer accessories

A bodycon dress is showy enough. You don’t need flashy accessories to complement that look. You can simply stick to minimal accessories such as earrings or a bracelet or two.

You can also wear a minimal necklace but avoid the chunky ones. Pair your bodycon dress with a stylish clutch or a watch. And it has the showstopper look as is.

  1. Add layers


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You can always bring in textures when you’re feeling self-conscious. Wearing a bodycon dress with a coat or a shrug is always stylish. You can pick patterns that are eye-catching but sophisticated.

If you want something relaxed, you can wear a coat or a jacket. If you’re looking for something edgy, you can pair a bodycon dress with a shrug.

It’s always a tempting option if you’re planning on wearing a bodycon dress for an event. Events go on for a long time. So adding layers keeps you relaxed and warm.

  1. Do not wear flats

Bodycon dresses and flats never match. Even if you hate wearing high heels, you can add a slight elevation to your shoes. Flats may break your entire outfit!

However, this also depends on the length of the bodycon dress. If you’re going for a knee-length bodycon dress, certain heels can make your outfit look dull and short.

You can wear comfortable heels like wedges, stilettos, and pumps to elongate your frame. It’ll help you look slimmer, taller, and curvy.

  1. Strapless bodycon dress


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If you’re planning on wearing a strapless bodycon dress. There are plenty of options. Strapless dresses come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But the best type of strapless dress to pick is the one that shapes and suits your body.

This can be any type of body shape including pear, apple, straight, hourglass, or inverted triangle. The rule of thumb for strapless bodycon dresses is to try before you buy. The last thing you want is a faux pas when it comes to wearing a bodycon dress outside.

Bra bulges, skin chafing, pinching, and worst of all, slippage. You can correct these slip-ups by examining the dress’s thickness and stretch. Does it stay firmly on your skin? Is it too tight all the time? Can you wear a bra or strapless shapewear underneath?


Final Words

You can style your bodycon dress easily. And you don’t need a lot to do so. This article increases your chances of wearing a body-hugging dress for parties, events, and date nights. You don’t have to be self-conscious about it anymore.

With the right shapewear, layering, and darker colors. You can look and feel great in a bodycon dress. Make sure you find the ideal fit for your body. A bodycon dress that smoothens out all your bulges. And adds a sophisticated look to your entire outfit. That is what you need from a bodycon dress.


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