How to Apply Foundation Makeup

How to Apply Foundation Makeup

Looking good with a flawless skin is a dream for every girl. Some are lucky to have a clear sin but most of them are not. It is all about a gene. Thanks for making up a foundation that helps everyone to look beautiful. But applying a foundation makeup is really a technical thing. Some really struggle to apply lorac natural performance foundation perfectly. So to help them all here will talking about how to apply foundation makeup. It will be a big help for you girls.


What is foundation makeup?

Foundation makeup is a product that matches with skin color and after applying it the skin tone comes out flawlessly. It has different forms of powder, mousse, liquid, and cream.


Choosing the right foundation:

While applying foundation, remember to use the suitable shade for your skin tone and type. When you are selecting the foundation must make a swatch test. Test 2-3 shades and match them with your skin tone. The best way to select the perfect foundation is to apply different shades on both sides of your face. It will help to choose the perfect one. And test the shades if they are warm, neutral or cool.

The process of choosing foundation:

  • Know your skin type. Then choose a makeup product which matches your skin type. You have to know whether your skin is oily, dry or combination. Because each product is for each skin type. Like mousse foundation is for oily skin, you can also use powder or oil-free liquid. For dry skin liquid foundation that has nourishing element is perfect. There is also stick foundation or hydrating powder for dry skin. If you have combination skin then use powder foundation.
  • Choose the correct foundation shade. Because the foundation is the base of the makeup. If it is correctly applied then your makeup will look best. Try every kind of shades in your face then pick the best one. Prefer the shade that matches skin tone and you don’t need to blend it.
  • Get the coverage. You may tend to get an average foundation that works as coverage. It is best to go for a specific one that covers your uneven skin tone. There are some examples that work as coverage:
  1. For light coverage get loose powder. You can use pressed powder for light cover also.
  2. Medium coverage can be done with aerosol foundation.
  3. And for full coverage, you can use liquid and cream foundation.


Things you need to apply foundation:

The list is not small dear, you will need these to look gorgeous.

  • Moisturizer
  • Foundation
  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Compact powder
  • Brush

These things will do your works.


Now the steps of applying foundation:

Once you have selected the perfect foundation. For your skin, now it is the main thing to start applying it properly on your skin. Remember you have to follow the right technique while applying makeup or else it will be a disaster following the steps perfectly.

  1. Preparing your skin:

At first start your day with preparing your skin by cleaning it. Use the cleanser to clean your face. Apply moisturizer after cleaning your skin. By moisturizing, your skin will look healthy. While applying moisturizing your skin will look healthy. While applying moisturizer, apply it with hands by massaging style.

You have to use a base before doing makeup. It helps makeup to last longer. You can use a primer as a base. For oily skin use mattifier with primer.

Then use concealer. Apply in the places where you need a cover like under eye, around the forehead and mouth. The concealer works to cover blemishes and let your face look ever.

  1. Color-correct your skin: Use color-corrector before applying makeup on your skin. This will cover your eye dark circle and the patches of your skin. Different colors work with different issues.
  • Use pink corrects on blue-toned spots on a fair skin.
  • Peach corrects purple or blue shadows on an average skin.
  • Orangey-pink covers dark spots on a dark skin.
  • Yellow reduces dark or purple shadows on tan and olive skin.
  • Green corrector eliminates redness.
  • Lavender cover-ups yellow tones.
  1. Apply foundation:

Pick a perfect brush to apply foundation. You can also use a sponge to apply makeup. Start from the center of your face. Blend it all over the face. Don’t forget neck to apply foundation. Use a fiber synthetic brush to apply foundation.

  1. Use loose powder:

After applying foundation, you have to set the foundation. Use loose powder to set the foundation. Set it with a fluffy brush.

You are done with your applying makeup. Decorate your eye with eyeshadow, liner and apply lipstick.


  • You use foundation to brighten your face.
  • Don’t use over foundation. Start with less.
  • If you want to use highlighter use it before makeup.


How to Apply Foundation Makeup

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Makeup and girls are made for each other. You cannot think anyone solely. Actually, to look beautiful, makeup works best for everyone. But there is tips and tricks. If you don’t follow the tips and tricks properly, your look will be a disaster. When you are new in glamour and makeup world the first thing you have to know is how to apply foundation makeup properly. This is the main base of any makeup. There are many course and tutorial to follow the techniques to apply makeup and foundation. If you want to work as professional you need to know these techniques.




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