We have looked what celebrities do wear and here is a piece of advice for you.

HOW TO ALWAYS BE STYLISH_whichfashion.netThe first thing pay attention to – PROPORTIONS. If you are wearing something like top and jeans, it’s really good when you wear a loose shirt with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans with a bodysuit. Shorts with loose t-shirts are also good looking. You feel so comfortable and look great at the same time. Amazing, isn’t it?

Then try to MIX STYLES. If you prefer to wear casual items during the day, ok, but try to wear for example high heels with your favorite jeans, it’s not so comfortable but so stylish, just try it someday!
Go MONOCHROMATIC. Total black, total white, grey, beige, any color. First of all, it’s really easy to find all your black clothes in the closet and mix them. Play with mixing textures, it gives some interest to your look.

One more important thing – ACCESSORIZE. Everybody like good statement necklaces. If you wear all black and add a silver necklace, it will give some chic vibe to your whole look. Also you can try oversized hats, they are super stylish and add a little bit of drama.

Know your FAVORITES. You should have some things in your wardrobe that you really love and feel confident and comfy in them. It can be your black dress or your blue jeans with the favorite band tee, whatever.

So, we hope it was interesting and useful for you. Try something new and be stylish!

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