Everything you need to know about Kente Graduation Stoles

Everything you need to know about Kente Graduation Stoles

Thinking of getting a Kente graduation stole to style on your graduation robe to make you look either beautiful or handsome, standout amidst other graduands and also look stylish, you need to know quite a number of things about this culturally rich Kente graduation stoles. Generally, Kente has a long history and can be traced back to the Ashanti people in Ghana. Kente stole is a fabric that is rich in symbols and designs and each of this design has its own meaning. I know you want a graduation stole that perfectly suits you and with Kent graduation stoles you can’t go wrong. Right here in this article, I will share all you need to know about Kente graduation stoles.


Firstly, you need to understand the origin and rich cultural background of Kente cloth itself before what we are really here for which is Kente graduation stoles. Kente cloths are known to belong to Africans and are worn as a symbol of identity for the primary purpose of pan-Africanism and Afrocentrism. They are have been in existence for years and it is said that Kente cloth originated from Ashante people of Ghana where it is used to signify royalty. Although the world has become a small village where people from far away continent can learn one or two things from another culture and modernize them which led to the beautifully fabricated kente graduation stoles that we have today.


This kente stole is a beautiful artwork that does not only brings out the best in you on that big day but also showcase pride and prestige. Despite the fact that it is handmade, the texture and designs look like those made in the factory. Am sure your graduation day is near, you can’t afford to miss out and not wear this Kente graduation stole.


Kente graduation stoles is a perfect blend of cotton and rayon fabricated by experts that were born into the artistry work in Ghana. With a size of about 72 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width, it is a perfect size that will look so good on your shoulder down to the front of your graduation gown.


kente graduation stole tells a story with its pattern. These stories were used by the Asante people to pass on wisdom. For example, the Babadua pattern which is the most common pattern on graduation stoles tells a story of strength. This design was inspired by the Babadua tree which is used to build fences, barricades during the war and also thatch trees. Structures made from this tree are said to be strong, and durable. Wearing a kente graduation stole with such a pattern proves to the world that you are strong and have overcome a lot to achieve the honours to be given.


Kente graduation stoles are also rich in symbols, each symbol represents something. You need to watch out for symbols before making a choice on which Kente graduation stole to buy. A very good example is the common throne placed on Kente graduation stoles. It symbolizes a leadership role and also outstanding success in future endeavours.


I think the information above should be enough to help you make a decision when buying your kente graduation stoles. Goodluck graduands, keep scaling higher height.




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