5 Types of Clothing That Can Hide Cellulite (#3 is the Most Effective)


There are many common issues that unite women around the world. One of the concerns related to the body is cellulite. Those unwanted dimples and lumps present in the thighs, buttocks, hips, and abdomen. And it’s not just curvy women; the slimmer ones are not so immune to it either. In that case, let’s discuss the different types of clothing that can hide cellulite.

Now it’s true that cellulite is not the kind of buddy you want to get comfortable with. So there are many ways to keep it from crashing your party. The first and most effective way to do so is to follow a crazy cardio and strength-training regimen. Apart from eating healthy and drinking lots of water!

Even so, there are many types of clothing that can hide cellulite. And let’s find out what they are below!


5 Types of Clothing That Can Hide Cellulite
#1 Shapewear

Photo credit: waisttrainingcorsetshq.com
Photo credit: waisttrainingcorsetshq.com


How to hide cellulite in a dress, the bodycon kind? Or a pencil skirt? The answer is simple. You put on a body shaper. It’s the most popular solution out there.

You’ll find bodysuits, thigh shapers, slips, camis, waist cinchers, and more. And the good quality ones have the power to shape your curves AND smooth out your skin. Under all kinds of clothing!

Form-fitting shapewear is the best temporary fix to not only cellulite. They also conceal your natural bulges in the most vulnerable spots.

The thing about body shapers is that they offer coverage from the tummy to the mid-thigh. You just have to make sure the length doesn’t fall below the dress or skirt.

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#2 Black Clothing

One of the smartest ways to cover cellulite is to choose black. Black dresses, black pants, black skirts, black everything.

I don’t need to tell you that black has a reputation of making your body look slimmer and flatter. No matter your body type! So it’s only logical to assume that it helps with getting rid of uneven textures. In the butt and hip areas!

So if you ever decide to wear a body-hugging or tight outfit, make sure it’s black in color.


#3 Compression Leggings/Pants



The most effective way to conceal cellulite comes in the form of anti-cellulite leggings. It’s a miracle that this type of clothing exists in the world today. So don’t, even for a second, think that leggings are not a part of the picture.

Now it’s true that you can’t just buy a pair of any leggings. It has to have excellent anti-cellulite properties. Only then will this item of clothing conceal your skin dimples.
Even quality plays a major role in this case. Good quality leggings are outfitted with a thick fabric construction. Along with tons of support!

And as I mentioned earlier, stick to black. You can pick darker shades too. This ensures maximum coverage for cellulite. Otherwise, feel free to select lighter hues. If you don’t have a problem with a minimal cover-up!


#4 Bold Patterns

There’s no need to strictly follow the no-pattern rule here. Why keep on wearing just basic patterns when playing the hide-and-seek cellulite game!

Solid, lighter colors may be tricky. But busy and bold patterns aren’t. These include floral, ikat, and geometrical prints. They provide an excellent distraction. So you can expect them to divert unwanted focus away from your problematic regions.


#5 Longer Shorts

If you’re not body-conscious, then nothing is going to come between you and your cute denim shorts. But not all women are like that. So for those that aren’t so confident about showing their cellulite, there are Bermuda shorts. These are longer in length. To give you all the coverage and comfort you prefer.


The End

The majority of women are affected by cellulite. So it is a very popular topic online. No wonder there are so many options for compression pants that hide cellulite. But the types of clothing that can hide cellulite are only temporary, quick fixes. For permanent and more satisfying results, you’ve got to start working out.

Target your thighs because it’s the most powerful method to say goodbye to cellulite. Cardio also helps in getting rid of cellulite. Plus, it has many other benefits too. Exercising is always a good thing. Irrespective of whether you have cellulite or not!

Just don’t go about popping “magic pills” or applying any cellulite-eliminating creams. They might or might not work in the long run. But it’s not the most healthy and natural way to reduce your beautiful natural bumps and dimples.

And in the end, don’t forget this. That cellulite is a part of YOUR BODY. There’s no need to hide it from the world. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit of cellulite showing through your dress or shorts. It doesn’t have to be unsightly. You can still look great.


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