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Lately, South Korea vibe is spread internationally through K-dramas and K-pops. The fans outside of the country are craving for Korean products.Thus it’s not an exaggeration to say that Korean online shopping malls are at its highest peak. Out of many Korean online shopping malls, here is one of the new rising and trustworthy site, Koreanmall.





As the company’s slogan, ‘1st Korean Global Shopping mall which is selling products’, the website is designed as user-friendly by providing 14 different languages and simple steps to purchase. It also has various selections of products; from K-pop albums to K-cosmetics, and K-foods.


Events & Promotions



Koreanmall is like a jackpot. They have this K-money (cyber-money which can be used on Koreanmall) giveaway event 365 days. The simplest way to receive it is just registering on their website.How easy it is! Beside the event, they regularly have promotions for K-pop goods, Korean cosmetics, Korean food, and sometimes a mixture of them. If you like to purchase the latest EXO’s album or hottest K-pop artists’ goods, I can tell you that Koreanmall is your best choice to shop at. Keep on track with their latest promotions and event by following their Facebook.





Take advantage of free shipping on worldwide by ordering over $49. You can select various methods of shipping from UPS, DHL, and EMS. Don’t forget to check out Koreanmall’s YouTube channel. Before your lovely items left the warehouse, you should check their official YouTube video service. Each video contains information of every single customer’s parcel;so you can always get track of your parcels in their YouTube videos as well. Koreanmall updates the parcel videos frequently on their official YouTube channel.This service hasmade the mall trustworthy and retained the loyal customers.


Take a tour and experience Koreanmall now!


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