Best Compression Stockings and Leggings (differences you need to know)


You should never skip compression wear for comfort and recovery. The best compression wear can do what non-compression wear can only dream of. Be it for travel, leisure, or athletic purposes. Compression wear is what the doctor ordered to boost muscle health.

I’m going to walk you through the basics of both compression stockings and leggings. Effective and valuable as they might be. Stockings and leggings are not the same things. And understanding their key differences will help you choose better.

The therapeutic benefits of compression stockings and leggings are plenty. Both are snug-fitting, breathable, and compressive. They have plenty of health benefits for varicose veins and for people who stand all day long. If you want in on the best compression stockings and leggings. You’ve come to the right place to get all your information.


Compression Stockings – What are they?

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I’m sure you know what a pair of stockings looks like when worn. They go all the way up from your toes to your upper thighs. Unlike leggings, they don’t actually sit on your waist. They’re like really stretchy and long socks in various sizes.

Knee-high stockings: If you don’t want the stockings to irritate you while you move around. Buying knee-high stockings are great. They’re ideal for people with varicose veins in their lower legs, near the calves.

Thigh-high stockings: For upper leg muscle recovery, thigh-high stockings are great. They don’t ride up all the way to the waist. So they won’t irritate your belly if you have a muffin top. It’s also a good option for post-surgical use for stimulating better blood flow.

Full-length stockings: Ideal for pregnant women. Full-length stockings can be worn up or down. They’re a good alternative for leggings when you don’t want a thick band sitting on your waist. These are more flexible and versatile to wear.


Compression Leggings – What are they?

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Compression leggings are all the rage now. But there’s nowhere to get a decent ‘know-how’ on them. And why they’re so important to wear. Until now!

Compression leggings are made of spandex but the breathable kind. They’re not like the regular leggings you wear on a daily basis. They prevent vein diseases, varicose veins, and boost blood circulation.

Unlike lycra or cotton leggings, these are worn for medical or athletic reasons. Just because what you’re wearing are compression leggings. Do not choose the tightest size to wear. You don’t want the leggings to cut off your blood circulation. They should help you stay warm and supported, no matter what.

What you read below is the compression pressure that you need to choose. The higher the pressure number, the tighter the compression leggings will be.

15-20mmHG: This is the most common compression pressure. Compression leggings between this range are firm, easy to wear, and effective. Most athletes wear them to prevent muscle strain post-exercise.

20-30mmHG: These are for strict medical or athletic use only. Compression leggings of this kind are harder to find. And you’re most likely to wear them when you have severe varicose veins or swelling to take care of.

30mmHG or higher:  These are serious “medical grade” compression leggings. Doctors recommend them for treating blood clots, edema, and other severe conditions.

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Finding the Right Size

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The best thing you can use to measure your size is measuring tape. Cover all parts of your legs such as your ankle, thigh, and calf. These measurements will give your exact compression stockings and leggings size.

When it comes to finding the right size for the stockings. You need to first consider how high up they will go. If you’re buying knee-high stockings, they’re easier to wear than thigh-highs. So it makes sense if you’re short of time, you go for the former choice.

Knee-high stockings are also great for regular use. They support your legs when you’re standing for a long time. Thigh-high stockings, on the other hand, are great for medical purposes. To boost blood circulation, treat varicose veins, and post-surgical use.

Avoid buying a tight size that can potentially cut off blood circulation. The compression leggings should be easy to put on. Another great factor of consideration for size is breathability. You don’t want the best compression stockings or leggings to cause sweat or excess warmth.



If you have a serious medical condition, you must consult with your doctor. Before buying the best compression stockings and leggings. It’s important to decide your purpose. What are you wearing compression wear for?

Many people wear compression wear for muscle recovery or to avoid overstraining. But there are other benefits of compression wear. If you’re taking a long flight and will be unable to move your legs for a long time. Or your job requires you to stand all day long.

The pressure compression stockings and leggings give you are helpful. They keep your legs from swelling and prevent varicose or spider veins. So if you need special attention for your legs for leisure or for work. It’s time to buy the best compression stockings and leggings for the right value!






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