Avikerchie | Revolutionary Fashion Brand

Avikerchie | Revolutionary Fashion Brand

Revolutionary fashion brand Avikerchie has officially launched, helping you reduce your wardrobe without sacrificing style.

Made from strong quality materials and colorful youthful designs, Avikerchie’s profound fabrics can be worn as many pieces of clothing including scarves, tops, bottoms and dresses.
Offering multi-functional clothing, the brand was created by mother/daughter duo, Avril Rodriguez and Malky Ureña. Avril the Creative Director and Designer of Avikerchie, who is also an established Fashion Blogger, was inspired to create an affordable range of fabric designs having been fascinated by her mother’s designer scarf collection.


Mia Scarf Top or Shawl

Avril explained “The idea for Avikerchie was born on a beach day. I used to borrow my mom’s silk scarves to wear on the sand – twisting and making knots in them to create different styles. My mom was forever reminding me how expensive they were so that day, we started to discuss the designs, materials and costs of the scarves – all of which I wasn’t necessarily crazy about. That day, Avikerchie was born.

Avikerchie fabric designs are created with convertibility and quality in mind. We want people of all different shapes and sizes to wear our products to create flexible styles which are made with high quality sewing and finishes. Happiness is at the ethos of Avikerchie, so we hope to bring smiles to our customers faces when they wear our fabric designs.”

The launch of Avikerchie comes at an exciting time with the concept of convertible clothing and demand for such items being more prominent than ever with the global awareness of sustainability in the fashion industry.




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