A little black dress out of different style

A little black dress out of different style_whichfashion.net

If you only let you choose a dress, but also a variety of various occasions, how do you choose? Whether it is the fashion circle “old demon” or we ordinary daily wear girls, want to go around, all cannot do without a little (it is the really old topic).

The Duchess of Windsor once said: “if any of the little black dress to wear clothes, can replace it.” After all, is to have a little black dress “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.” of the magic, 1000 people wearing little black dress has 1000 distinct:

In fact, little importance but the naturally ~ little black dress is the choice of some more, not too severe and as a daily on various occasions LBD, how would you choose?

A little black dress out of different style_whichfashion.netIn general, the thick and long tail swing skirt, smooth look overdressed; conservative and rigid style is not comfortable to wear fashionable; so good drape / fabric design more elegant / Free wrap dress, dress shirts, knitted skirt, dress…… As well as the partial leisure style, all is my heart right.

Don’t limit the little black dress occasions, home when a warm nowadays kimono cardigan, can stop the morning chill. But in fact, knitted cardigan, oversized shirt collocation little black dress is an excellent choice for leisure Look.

The most simple is not wrong with the same little don’t know what to wear is its coat is lazy. In the late summer and early autumn, especially a large temperature difference between the area, the two is based will you ~ of course, because the texture is soft, so I prefer a windbreaker long length skirt.

Is a good method to resolve the slip suit dress formal not lazy. The thin suit in the summer, and not as hot as you want, and there are sunscreen, the air-conditioned room just. Of course, you want to be more stable? A long necklace can increase the gas field; the Pearl long chain can also play the same role.

Afternoon tea cheap tea, the nobility’s exclusive fun, natural wear fine point. Soft beige, beige is an essential element to building the approachable image, with some slender not rough accessories to better blessing. Also, a short jacket dress fitted with a skirt is high; the little girls are not allowed to

Shopping, leisure Street comfort is the most important, a plaid shirt, whether it is fastened at the shoulder or waist can increase the color and increase the level of sense of ~ three sets of white accessories (hat, bag, white shoes) in the summer easy to kill all kinds of collocation.

The party to do Dancing Queen, tea party, can serve as a small little black dress, just need some colorful accessories can impact color. I love the high sense of gold and black.

Some careful thinking, the single standard product can be different every day out. Is not a color, perhaps just mind is not enough.

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