5 Types of Women’s Socks

5 Types of Women’s Socks

Just like feet, socks come in all shapes and sizes from every day wear to extreme sports, to costume and formal. Women’s socks, in particular, cover a large ground that can be divided into eight different subcategories. From those, we have chosen 5 types of women’s socks with a concentration on socks that are waterproof for those who want to keep their toes warm and dry.


Waterproof Ski Socks

For your water sports needs, we recommend Deswell Hyperthermia Pro women’s waterproof ski socks. Deswell makes their socks from a special poll membrane blend that is 100% windproof and waterproof. These socks are made for maximum comfort and are constructed using a seamless design. Coming up to midcult, you can purchase the socks in several different colors and styles.


Waterproof Socks

we recommend Sealskin women’s waterproof socks for everyday use and wear or outdoor, wet, sports activities. This brand carries socks that are knee length down to ankle length from sizes small through extra-large. Sealskin socks are not only waterproof, they are also windproof yet let your foot breath to prevent discomfort and odor. They also come in a variety of colors and styles as this is most important ever to a number of articles.


Women’s Socks

if you are like thousands of Americans who have feet that tend to sweat easily during physical activity or exercise, we recommend Dryad women’s socks. Buyers can choose no-show, ankle height, mini-crew, ¼ crew, and taller for particular needs. Dryad socks are designed with a system that removes moisture with its dual-layer design. The socks keep sweat away from the feet but do not become slippery or uncomfortable to wear. While the standard color of these socks is white, you can purchase them in a variety of other colors as well as sizes.


We recommend Deer Mum Lady Cute Owl Design for women’s casual socks. This brand is made of mostly cotton and features different colored owls for the design. These socks do not fade after several washes and are made with high-quality fibers for both comfort and style. Dear Mum also offers different designs to fit the holiday seasons or the particular time of year.


To keep your whole leg warm and help improve circulation, we recommend Compression Socks for Women by Compression. These casual socks have thousands of different colors and patterns and are made of cotton and nylon. Medically proven to help improve circulation and ease muscle fatigue, Compression is the choice sock by several professional athletes, trainers, and gym goers.


While generic brand socks may get the job done, it will only be for a short time as the fibers wear thin quickly and are often synthetic causing you discomfort and odor as the socks age. Good quality socks will be healthy for your feet as will they be more durable so that you get more for your money. Your feet are worth investing in, so whether it is socks for sports or simple everyday use, don’t skimp out on your next purchase of women’s socks.





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