Marko Stout NYC’s Hottest Artist!

Marko Stout NYC’s Hottest

The Caelum Gallery in the Chelsea art district of NYC will be exhibiting a preview of Marko Stout’s latest collection on Thursday, April 27th from 6:00- 11:00. Marko Stout is one of New York City’s most popular modern artists and it seems you cannot go to a gallery exhibition in New York these days without hearing his name mentioned. Many sources are calling him a rock-star of the art world and many are referring to him as “the next Andy Warhol”.

Marko Stout has been in the news a lot this year a few high profile sales and the announcement of his upcoming at film festival, LIPS. The LIPS film festival is an annual experimental cinematic event held at various landmark venues throughout New York City. The festival will showcase the best in modern art cinema and experimental film. There will also be many New York art galleries, performance and multimedia artists in participation.

Marko Stout NYC’s Hottest Artist_whichfashion.netStout’s is famous for his gritty pop-like style and for the of video and sculpture elements alongside his famous prints. Though, he is considered as a mainstream artist now, in the initial phase of his career during the late 90s, he was treated like an outsider in SoHo, San Francisco and New York. However now, after a series of wildly successful exhibitions he is considered to be one of the most relevant multimedia artist working today with many in the media, including the Huffington Post and New York Magazine comparing his works to the infamous Andy Warhol.

No doubt, Stout has taken the art world by storm. His artworks are attention grabbing and provoking- a mix of sexuality with urban works are selling on the rapid scale in the recent years after getting accepted as a mainstream artist in the art world. His galleries are making record making sales. He also plans for more galleries and international exhibitions.

Highlights of Stout’s latest 2017 collection will be exhibited at NYC’s Caelum Gallery on April 27, 2017. The exhibition will feature some of Stout’s lasts bondage inspires prints along with film works. The Caelum Gallery is located at 508 W. 26th Street, New York City.

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