How to Refresh Your Skin Care Routine

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A skincare routine is often just that — a routine. We may do it day in and day out without putting much thought into the actual actions. As a result, we may be skipping important steps that could leave our skin feeling fresher and more beautiful. In some cases, we may even be causing damage by using the wrong products.

Some skin problems are so persistent that even a so-called “miracle” product could fail to make a difference. In these cases, you might want to consider Boynton Beach laser skin treatments that can restore your skin’s youthful appearance while removing embarrassing blemishes, scars, redness, or wrinkles.

To help you shake out of your skincare routine rut, consider adding some of the following products or steps.



Add a Vitamin-Rich Serum to the Mix

Your skin can benefit from nutrients applied directly — not just absorbed through the food you eat. Vitamin C can reduce the appearance of spots while Vitamin E can help restore proteins vital to your skin’s healing and structure.

“Serum” has become a fairly generic term in the skincare industry, so make sure to read the label to ensure that the ingredients include everything you need and exclude things you don’t want.


Use a Gentle Exfoliator a Few Times a Week

Exfoliating is a nice way to say “scrubbing off dead skin cells,” and it’s a vital process for keeping your skin feeling young and fresh. Dead skin cells can accumulate, especially in areas that see a lot of abuse, like our heels and the sides of our feet.

You can scrub away problem areas on your feet with a long soak and a pumice stone, but what about the more sensitive areas? Well, there’s such a thing as over-exfoliating — one company was even sued because their apricot pit scrub caused skin damage and acne.

Always use a gentle exfoliant on your face and areas where your skin gets fairly thin, such as on your forearms. “Microfoliant” products are even more gentle.


Wear Night Cream to Bed

What better way to moisturize than letting your lotion set while you slumber? You can wake up feeling refreshed instead of dry. Products with retinol can also help restore skin and eliminate redness — just be careful not to get exposed to the sun.


Apply Sunscreen Every Single Day

Many people consider sunscreen no fun, but they can be assured that skin damage and skin cancer are even less fun! The sun’s UV rays cause damage every minute we are exposed, and measures like umbrellas or clothes only add a few scant SPFs-worth of protection.

The solution is to find a facial moisturizer that contains SPF protection of 30 or higher. Some lotions also have this level of protection, but you may need to pursue a moisturizing sunscreen instead. Luckily, some of the top beauty brands have you covered, with sunscreens that feel and smell great without all the greasiness.


Drink Lots of Water to Avoid Skin Dehydration

Some skin dryness comes from within. If you aren’t drinking enough water, then your body can dry out your skin in an effort to keep your organs nice and lubricated. Drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day, equalling 64 fluid ounces or a half gallon.


Apply a Moisturizing Oil During Dry Times

We cleanse our skin to get rid of bad oils and bacteria, and sometimes a moisturizer isn’t enough to replenish the hydration our natural oils provide. During the fall and winter — or whenever you’re feeling especially dry — consider applying a facial oil after you cleanse and before you apply a moisturizing cream.


Get Laser Skin Treatments in Boynton Beach to Restore Skin to Its Youthful Glow

Laser skin treatments in Boynton Beach act like a hardcore version of exfoliating; it blasts away dead skin cells and damaged skin cells near the surface to reveal the healthy, strong layers of skin underneath.

It’s the ideal treatment for skin that is rough, red, scarred, or prone to bumps and outbreaks. If you’re embarrassed about fine lines, spots, blemishes, or other imperfections, it can also leave your skin feeling tighter, smoother, and stronger than before.

Give these skincare routine tips a try if you’re interested in mixing up your monotony while giving your skin the pampering it’s always craved.



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