How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Next Facial Treatment

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Next Facial Treatment

We strongly believe that facials are an absolute must.  They help to keep your skin glowing and beautiful, and nothing beats having an esthetician who knows exactly what she is doing.  But are you really getting the maximum benefits from your facial?

We decided to sit down with Tony Silla from Face Place to get some useful tips. He is one of the most highly sought after estheticians in Hollywood (and one of our personal favorites!) to talk about what should do and not do before you get your next facial treatment.


Avoid Products Containing Glycolics and Retin-A

Three to five days before your next facial, you should stop using products that contain those ingredients.  Glycolics and Retin-A comprise your skin tissue through making it more sensitive and delicate.  That can impair extraction techniques and make them less effective.


Avoid Wearing Skincare Products or Makeup

Facial treatments at Face Place are all about getting everything out of and off of your skin, so if you arrive with your skincare products or makeup on, we will end up removing it very thoroughly.


Bring a List With You Of All The Skincare Products You Are Currently Using

First-time clients definitely should bring a list of all of the skincare products that they currently are using.  That will help your esthetician better understand what elements might be responsible for the current condition of the client’s skin.


Avoid Sun Exposure And Makeup Post-Facial

After getting a facial treatment, the client should try to avoid wearing makeup for as long as she can, particularly after receiving at facial from Face Place.   Your skin will be so glowing, clean and smooth that you probably won’t even feel that you need to wear makeup.  Avoiding the sun after a facial is the same advice that we give for avoiding the sun every day whenever possible.  You should always wear a wide spectrum sunscreen with a 25 SPF at minimum, including after having a facial treatment.


Avoid working out

For 24 hours after your facial treatment, avoid doing any physical activities that will cause you to perspire excessively.  The facial treatment from Face Place includes having you take a mineral and vitamin solution deep in your tissues through the use of a galvanic current.  So if you perspire heavily during the initial 24 hours following treatment, you might sweat the solution out before it has the opportunity to be thoroughly effective.


Here are three insider tips from Tony to help maintain glowing skin in between your facial treatments:

Exfoliate: A scrub such as our Face Refinisher or Honey Almond Scrub should be used in order to exfoliate your skin.  This enables your serums and creates to be much more effectively and also help to prevent dirt and oil from building up inside of your pores.

Hydrate: A good hydrating product should be used such as our Hydrating Serum or Advanced Cell Renewal Moisturizer for hydrating and maintaining your skin’s firmness, texture and tone.

Protect: A sunscreen with a SPF 25 minimum should be used for protecting your skin against the damaging UVB/UVA rays of the sun.

If you are ever in the Hollywood, FL area, we recommend that you treat yourself to our celebrity-approved facial treatment.  Our extractions are amazing, and once you step out of our spa you will feel many years younger.



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