3 Beauty Treatments Which Make The Perfect Christmas Gift

3 Beauty Treatments Which Make The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas shopping is a tricky business for many of us. There are definitely some people who seem to just be naturally gifted (haha) at picking out the perfect present for each and every person in their lives, but for the rest of us it’s generally a case of maybe one or two lightbulb moments followed by lots of mindless scrolling on online stores trying to fill in the gaps so nobody goes without.

This is how people end up with Lynx gift sets and more bath bombs than there are days in the year. It’s not ideal, but the one thing many of us tend to forget is that experiences make valuable gifts just as much as physical objects do.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share with you three beauty treatments that make amazing Christmas gifts, so that you can give the ladies in your life something they’ll genuinely enjoy.


A manicure

Nothing makes a girl feel more put together than freshly painted nails, so treating the lady in your life to a nice new manicure is sure to go down well.

Manicures are a great way to inject a little bit of personal expression into your everyday look, and whether she loves the classic french mani or an elaborate set of acrylic talons, she can share her vision with the technician at her appointment and leave feeling like a million dollars!


An eyelash tint and perm

As much as we all love to spend time pampering ourselves, day to day anything that can save us five minutes in the morning is a sure winner, so an eyelash tint and perm is a treatment that is a real winner.

Skipping mascara in the morning saves a whole lot of time and faff, but lots of people feel a little bit naked without defined lashes so a tint and perm combo is a godsend for those who want their eyes to stand out 24/7 without the high maintenance of lash extensions.

Out of all the beauty treatments, this is definitely becoming one of the most popular at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why. The appeal of being able to glance in the mirror and be happy with your ‘I woke up like this’ look is not to be underestimated, and if she’s somebody who is lucky enough to be blessed with clear skin she can pretty much just get up and go!


A facial

Giving the gift of a facial means the lady in your life can start the new year feeling refreshed and renewed. A good facial tailored to your skin type can give you that glow you’ve been longing for, bringing lacklustre skin back to life and leaving you feeling amazing.

You will probably even come away with a better understanding of your skin and how to look after it going forward so that you can feel this good on a day to day basis! A lot of people are unsure or confused about what their skin type is and how best to treat various skin problems, so a facial is a really great way of educating yourself.

What’s more, getting a facial has lots of other benefits like reducing stress and helping to prevent ageing (of the skin, there’s no magical cream to stop the passing of time, unfortunately). Find out 15 great reasons why you might want to treat somebody you love to a facial in this article!



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